Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh man, that's awkward...

Hey all! I hope you are well this Friday! I'm posting Awkward and Awesome Thursday a day late.

- Watching me walk. It's a cross between a waddle and a scoot. I hate injured ankles. Who really likes them though?
- In a previous AandA post, I mentioned that I bought a clear shower curtain to check for serial killers. Today on Dear Blank, Please Blank, I read one that said,
Dear you,
Congrats on being smart enough to look behind the shower curtain... So what's your next move?
Serial Killer.
I'm scared because I really have no idea what my next move would be. Maybe I'll ninja kick the shower curtain.
- Last night I went to see a movie with a couple cousins. I think I pulled something after I jumped particularly violently. I also watched about a third of the movie through my clear water bottle as a sort of barrier to protect me from evil. I'm so brave.
- I woke up this morning crying because Sea World doesn't have narwhals. I'm unsure why.
- Listening to a really interesting story a friend is telling me and not being able to remember how long my mouth has been hanging open. Long enough for a little drool to start puddling. Ew.
- I spent almost ten minutes looking for my phone under the seat in my car before realizing that I was using it as a flashlight. Sometimes I wonder why I even have a phone. I spend half my life looking for it.

- Awesome birthday gifts! I recently added this little baby to my arsenal:
I'm in love with the cute little prints this guy makes. I just need to figure out how to use him better.
- Husband's unicorn name: Acorn Pretty Coat. He's mortified. Feel free to address him as such whenever you wish to see him turn red. Mine is Orchid Pretty Coat. I think it'll do. 
- I think Katy Perry is the first person to ever use the word "transcendental" correctly in a song. I'm impressed. 
- I found out that they sell sandwiches in cans. It's called a Canwich. That's something my father-in-law would think was funny. 
- Husbandman is sick with a cold. To cheer him up, I plan to replace all the labels on the medicine bottles with Harry Potter potion names. 
- If the Mayans were right about 2012 then at least I won't have to pay back my student loans.
- Yesterday I spent 10 minutes playing a song on Google's logo.
- The two people who were the original voices of Minnie and Mickey Mouse got married. This pleases me.
- You can now make your corn look like a light saber. Husbandman is very excited about this. They call it Obi Wan Cornobi. Oh boy.
- I blew up a picture of my brother's head to a 16x20 and printed out four of them. We put them on sticks and brought them to his graduation. It was hilarious! More photos of that to come soon.
Did anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week?