Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh Cupcake, My Cupcake

It's awkward and awesome Thursday again over at the Daybook! Sydney is so great! I'm glad we've decided to make this a weekly thing for the time being. I love reading them. Just click that cute lil' button down on the right sidebar to see everyone else's lists.

- When you go with your friend to the movies and you're the only two people there except for a creepy guy all alone on the second row. In a teeny-bopper chick flick. Go home, dude. For real.
- When husbandman runs to the store to get me some feminine stuff and comes back with the exact right thing without having to be told. Some of you may think this is awesome, but I feel concern over the number of times I must have inflicted this painful embarrassment on my saint-of-a-husband for him to remember this information so accurately.
- 9-year-olds who correct your grammar. Smart much, bro?
- The greeter who shouts "WELCOME TO WALMART!!!" Why, thank you. I jump every time.
- While deleting unwanted apps on my phone today, one asks, "Do you really want to kill me?" I couldn't press accept.
- Reaching into a bag of chips sitting next to me and popping one in my mouth only to realize it was actually a dog treat.
- Buying a clear shower curtain just so I can tell if there is a murderer on the other side. I am no longer permitted to watch scary movies.

- A Skip-It. And the very best thing of all, there's a counter on this ball! Children of the '80's, you know what I mean, right??
- Just when I thought Google couldn't get anymore awesome, I came across Dinoogle. It's just like Google, but with dinosaurs.
- Today I found out that there's a guy who dresses up as a bush and scares people for a living to draw  visitors into new parks. I don't need to look for a job anymore.
- Husbandman and I had a light saber battle with our phones. I consider this a Family Home Evening well spent.
- I found out that there is a Quidditch World Cup played by college students at universities like Harvard and Yale. I must be a part of this.
- My grandpa drives a Jeep with red racing seats. He's the shiz.
- Biggest brother and friend Randi (aka new cake decorating prodigy) came over to make cupcakes. We made the cutest owls you've ever seen (or eaten).

 Practiced my roses (I'm a little rusty)

The last one was for V-day cause I'm really excited for it! Sure am. Husbandman is not because he is not the-ultimate-present-buying-awesomeness champion of the world. I hold that title and the fame that goes along with it. If you need proof, see this post. Although my last Christmas present  from him was freaking amazing!

Did anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week?
Have a happy week!
P.S. Don't you think the owls in that first picture look like they're waiting for a worm from mama owl? :)


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I want to know what he's building me too!! Haha. Your list is great too. My college has Quidditch games...just saying...

Cute owls!! ;)

megan said...

I looovvee those cupcakes! I have the "Hello, Cupcake" book of how-to's, but have never used it! Adorable.

Rachel said...

Does 'practiced my roses' mean you were somehow able to make that frosting look like a rose? Nooo freakin way. They look ridiculous amazing!! And the owls? Adorable.

Lara said...

I'll have you know my shower curtain is clear, also! But more for sexy reasons and less for murderer reasons. ~Lara