Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Think Pink!

Today's Weird Wedding Wednesday chronicles the story of a bride-to-be who looooooved pink. It was her favorite color, and as far as her wedding was concerned, it was the only color. In the entire world.

The decor was all varying shades of pink. The flowers were pink. The food was pink. Have you ever tried eating pink salad? The bridesmaids dresses were pink. The bride's dress was also a very light shade of pink. The invitations were pink. The cake was pink. She even has the horse for their getaway carriage dyed pink for the occasion.

It was all quite excessive and its close resemblance to a bottle of Pepto Bismol made me want to hurl.

Several weeks before the wedding...
Bride: Is there any way we could paint the walls pink for my day?
Me: Pardon me?
Bride: The walls. I want them to match the rest of the decor.
Me: Of course you do. However, I don't see how that would be possible.
Bride: Daddy will pay any price. We will of course have the painters paint it back right afterward.
Me: Unfortunately, we do have an event the day before and the day after your wedding.
Bride: We can have them work all night.
Me: Yes, but I'm afraid the smell of paint would make the evening rather unbearable.
Me (in my mind): Have you been sniffing paint lately?

The beige-colored walls were a constant source of aggravation for this bride, prompting her to hire a broadway lighting designer to ensure the walls were washed in a blinding pink light throughout the ceremony and reception.

Some people really know what they want. Some people could definitely benefit from intensive therapy.


breezy and branden said...

hey back up off the pink! lol I totally would have been the same way Brit. I love it way too much. Did I tell you I have a pink kitchen? Everything from the pots and pans to the chip clip bag is pink. My poor husband :)

B and B said...

Oh, come on, Breezy! She wanted to paint the whole building pink just for her wedding! That's completely mental.