Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ok, so maybe I'm a couple days late, but here is a Halloween video for your particular enjoyment. Welcome to November!

P.S. You should probably make it full screen because it's incredibly delightful. :)

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We are aware that we're weird

I slept for nine hours last night. I woke up at noon. No, I am not sick. Just exhausted. Being a senior in college is not for the faint of heart. B and I slept on the couch cause we were too tired to get our sheets out of the dryer and put them back on the bed. And when you sleep on a feather bed without sheets, the feathers stick out and poke you in the night. It's true. I've woken up with an odd assortment of scratches to prove it.

Did you all have a fabulous Halloween? I know I did. Pictures of that to come soon. A little scary story for you. A few weeks ago Brade and I were perusing the Halloween aisle at a local Wallgreens when I came across a mask that looked something like this:

A devious plot began to form in my head.

So I donned this oh-so-scary mask and creeped around the corner towards my husband who was carefully contemplating a row of Halloween sweets. I got down really close to his ear and did my very best Darth Vader death rattle impression.

It took him a couple seconds to notice, but then he turned his head and let out a shriek. Truly, he was terrified. He may have nightmares for several weeks. Ah, sweet victory.

For those of you that are feeling sorry for him at this moment, you should know that he scares me at least ten times a week. Ok, so maybe it's more that I scare myself when I step on one of Bandit's squeaky toys on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but hey, he was there!

So, don't feel too sorry for him.

Since it's now November and Christmas is on the brain-- officially-- I thought I would share with you a favorite holiday tradition Braden, Berlyn and I share. We loooove to go to Hobby Lobby and find the ugliest ornaments there. They really do have some truly horrendous ones. :)

The fuzzy pink poodle in the cup was a particular favorite of mine. :)

Berlyn liked the hippo wearing a boa.

Ok, so maybe this is not the most normal holiday tradition, but we sure get a huge kick out of it. And yes, we are aware that this tradition is weird. And that that we're weird. We know.

Speaking of weird, here's a lil' video of Berlyn and cousin Kate bowling. The grace. The athleticism. Have a happy week!