On the Subject of Us...

Hi, friend! I'm Brittany. I'm a dreamer. I love reading, pretty things and creative personal touches. I'm also addicted to chocolate. That's Braden. He's a do-er. He loves fancy cars, making his eyes really wide and playing the drums. He keeps our laundry from spilling into the kitchen. Down below is Bandit. He's so cute it's ridiculous. He loves lots of attention, riding in the car and eating our mail. He gets whatever he wants by tilting his head.

This is our blog dedicated to our life, liberty and the pursuit of peanut butter M&M's. We (and by we I mean me because Brade is a habitual non-blogger) will be sharing masterfully woven tales of our adventures as starving newlyweds, living on dreams and the McDonald's dollar menu.

Thanks for visiting!