Monday, December 29, 2008

Braden's take on the proposal

This is Braden blogging here. I figured I'd better give how I saw the proposal, too. :) I woke up Christmas morning to my 2 younger brothers waking me up with "SANTA CAME!". I managed to drag my butt out of bed and go open all our presents while I was still half asleep. The second the clock hit 8:30 am, though, my body jumped into overdrive and I was as fervous (nervous...) as someone can be and still manage to function!
I don't think I've ever showered that fast, nor packed things into the car like I did without breaking something, but everything went smoothly until the drive to Britt's house. THAT was a nightmare.
Imagine this with me...Christmas morning. Driving. There is NOBODY out on the road. I think I saw maybe 20 other cars driving around. So I think to myself as I pull out of the driveway "This'll be cake." No. EVERY SINGLE light on the way to her house was red. Every one! What the heck?? I can honestly say that was the most stressful drive of my life.
I finally get to Britt's house and go inside to give presents to her younger brother and sister. I'm shaking the whole time and am barely managing to talk without smiling like an idiot. We get the present for my parents (we had gotten pictures of me and my siblings taken) and head out the door to deliver them. On the way to my house, however, I took the "scenic route" and headed to our spot on Wasatch. We pulled up to the first street and Britt said "Our spot!" with a smile. I said "Yeah, I've gotta give you day number one!" :). So we pull up and I put on a song for her and say "Listen to this song once, then come outside". (I think she knew at this point what was going on...but I dunno. Ask her. :) ) So I get out of the car and step into a torrent of snow and wind. Not good. I was planning on having her open the present in the trunk of my car and then proposing, but that won't work with the wind. So I improvised. I set up the tiny tree with a hideous ornament on it and the huge present that took her sister and I 45 minutes to wrap in the back seat. I tell her I had to improvise and she can come open it now, even though the song wasn't over.
Britt and I get out and stand in the freezing and snow and wind and wet for about 30 seconds when Britt says "Let's go inside!" so we hunkered down in the back seat. Britt opened her present and my hand reached into my pocket where the box that held her engagement ring was. I felt my hand shaking through the jacket and pants...I was so fervous!! :)
Britt opened up her present and I watched her face fall as she looked at the ring pop. She looked at me and said "Brade, that's not a shiny engagement ring" "I know" I said, and opened the door, knelt down on one knee in the snow and asked "Brittany Prince, will you marry me?" as I opened the box and showed her the ring. "YES!" Was all I heard as she took the box and put the ring on her finger. 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Proposal

As promised, here is the story of the first step on our journey to wedded bliss. Take a second to grab a snack. It's a long one...

It all started on December the 14th. It was a Sunday. My adorable boyfriend brought over a present for me. It was a frying pan with 12 Reese's candies inside. I really needed that frying pan because mine are all hashed. Plus Reese's are my favorite! :)

For the next few days (11 more to be exact) I received another piece to my cookware set along with another present.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

12. Twelve Reese's candies
11. Little love notes
10. Precious sweet songs
9. Special coupons
8. Tasty morsels
7. Christmas bangles
6. Jello packets
5. String cheese rings
4. Friendly pictures
3. Beaded bracelets
2. Hair care products
1. Shiny engagement ring!!!

So on Christmas day, Brade took me up to this spot on Wasatch Boulevard that we frequent. We want to have a house there someday. In the back of his car he had a tiny Christmas tree set up and a big, huge, wrapped box. I opened it and found oodles and gobs of balled up newspapers. I dug through it and found a small white box. There was a note on top that read, "On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, one shiny engagement ring! With shaking fingers I opened the box and found... a ring pop.... Cute, but a little bit of a letdown. Then I looked over at Brade and he was down on one knee in the freezing snow holding a very shiny, very beautiful engagement ring. "Britt, will you marry me?" he asked. I screamed, "Yes!" and threw my arms around him. It was very romantic and very cold.

Oh! One more thing. Braden bawled like a baby. ;)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wedding Date!

After much deliberation, Brade and I have finally decided on a date for our wedding. The day is.... drum roll please.... July 29, 2009! Yay!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hello to all family, friends and anyone remotely interested! This is the new blog for Brittany and Braden (more specifically for our wedding). As many of you know, Brade and I got engaged on Christmas 2008. We are so excited and blessed to have made it to this day! This is the real thing! This is love!

Braden and I will be updating this blog regularly over the next few months until our wedding. We would love any help/advice/ideas anyone has to offer! We love you all.

To address the very most FAQ, I'll write all about the proposal in my next post so stay tuned. XOXOXOXO