Mighty Life List

Fill my house with art
See 50 Broadway shows with my sister
Go Skydiving
Throw a huge masquerade party
Raise a litter of puppies or kittens and find them all good homes
Own a Gucci bag (a real one)
Learn to do a fancy up-do
Try 100 different kinds of sushi
Swim with bioluminescent plankton in Puerto Rico
Attend Loy Krathong festival in Thailand
Go zip-lining through the tree tops (wearing a cape)
Make a cute flower headband
Taste every kind of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory
Eat at the Ninja restaurant in New York
Learn to drive a boat
Buy an old piece of furniture and paint it a fun color
Make 10 unique Halloween costumes
Ride a donkey in Greece
Take a lobster tour in Maine
Have tea at the Grand America and then see the Nutcracker
Run a marathon
Release 99 balloons into the sky
Write a love note on my husband’s arm while he’s asleep
Have a wall mural in my house
Be photographed in a boudoir shoot
Sing in a band
Make fancy candy and give it to my neighbors for Christmas
Become an expert party planner
Write a novel
Try acupuncture
Get my picture taken for the I Am Equal project
Help someone cross off 5 things from their own Mighty List
Learn to salsa or swing dance
Make 1,000 paper cranes
Ride on the back of an elephant
Create a 7x7 list for SLC
Swim in a pool of Jello
Print and frame 100 photos I’ve taken
See the Northern lights in Alaska
Live in a different state
Live in a different country
Play night games
Organize a giant, real-life treasure hunt
Run my own wedding reception center
Wake up in a hut in Bali
Visit 10 islands in the Caribbean
Cover a tree with 200 sparkly snowflakes
Photograph a wedding
Organize a neighborhood sleigh ride
Take pictures of all the fairy tale characters I can think of
Paint my nails a different design every week for a year
Buy my dream house
Unplug for a whole week with my hubbs
Learn to do the splits
Re-watch every Friends episode, marathon style
Own 50 original artistic works from 50 different artists
Buy a Christmas tree for someone who can’t afford one
Leave 100 inspiring quotes in 100 random places
Be styled by a professional stylist
Send a birthday card to everyone in my life for a full year
Putt a hole-in-one (minigolf)
Finish a 365 project
Make all the ice cream flavors in my Ben and Jerry’s book
Shop for my sisters wedding dress
Ride a gondola in Italy
Build a tree house
Have a huge backyard
Watch a chick hatch from an egg
Send out a dollar with a message on it and see if I ever get it back
Make someone feel beautiful
Buy something for my home at a flea market
Own a vintage wedding dress
Organize a huge Thriller dance complete with Zombie costumes
Donate a free photo shoot to a family who can’t afford it
Ride in a hot air balloon
Get my photography work published in a magazine (online or print)
Sleep in a tree fort
Buy an iPhone
Make all my Christmas presents one year