Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Honeymoon

Picking a honeymoon spot can be tricky. There are so many exciting and exotic places to visit around the world. How to pick just one to celebrate your new marriage?

In keeping with our inner five-year-olds, Braden and I have decided to have a week of magic in Disney World! (Cheers of excitement!)

We realize this choice is a little unconventional for a honeymoon, but we act like five-year-olds anyway. :) Disney World is definitely "us."

We will be staying for a week in the Contemporary Hotel just outside the Magic Kingdom. We will be able to see the fireworks from our balcony! And we get to take a ride around Cinderella's castle in a carriage! How romantic... :) We decided that we are even going to be dorky and get those Mickey and Minnie bride and groom ears and wear them everywhere we go. :)

Wish us happy honeymooning!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

For our first Valentine's Day together, Brade and I decided to go play laser tag! Fun huh? We had a good time. We did get shown up by a bunch of high school students though... We are getting on in years. I mean, Brade sometimes complains if the music is too loud and my hip gives me trouble in bad weather. :)

Sigh... Pretty soon we'll be joining the ranks of the old, married people. ;)