Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pirate O's

Yesterday I hung out with my family and we visited Pirate O's in Draper. That place is bizarre. But kinda cool. They have the most random assortment of candies ranging from chocolate filled with brandy to marzipan pigs to pickle-flavored mints. For those of you who just got the shivers at the thought of that last item, you're not alone. I feel like throwing up directly into the lap of the person who thought of those.

I got husbandman some bacon-flavored floss. :)

My siblings and I decided to be adventurous with some candies we had never tried before. I came across this intriguing yellow box whilst perusing the shelves. The "items" within the box were advertised to be the strongest mints in the world. That's a pretty lofty claim, don't you think?

The mints themselves looked suspiciously like dog food. Despite that, we threw caution to the wind and popped them into our mouths.

And that is the story of how my head exploded.

I will never have to worry about halitosis again as long as I live. That little mint killed every bad-breath germ within a 2,387 mile radius. Killed them dead. At least that should help with Brade's bacon breath.

I have the rest of them in my purse. Wanna try one? ;)

P.S. Their address is 11901 S 700 E in Draper. Picking weird candy for each other to try is a super fun and random date night activity.


Katri said...

bacon flavored floss? absurd! so I found you through Daybook's awkward and awesome (I was intrigued by your blog title) and then I read your love story. CUTE!!!