Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dream Drive

It has always been a dream near and dear to my hubby lubby's heart to drive a Ferrari. He loves cars, and pretty much anything that goes Vrrrrrroooooom! He's such a boy.

Since I am the gift-giving-goddess of the world, I uncovered this little place in Colorado for him to fulfill this lifelong wish. I am such a good wife. Luckily for us, husbandman has an awesome auntie living in very close proximity to our destination, so we had a fun time staying with her and her fam for the weekend.

So we drove for hours to Colorado Springs to... drive for hours through the mountains near Denver and then... drove for hours to get home. It was a lo-hot of driving. Oh my dang! We did have a great time together though and the scenery was spectacular. Plus Brade has a humongo smile on his face the whole time which made the whole trip completely worth it.

Check out the vid I made of our Dream Drive. It's pretty shaky because, well, I was in a car most of the time. We got to drive a Ferrari, Corvette and this bizarre creation called the Ariel Atom. That's the one that looks like a go-kart and looks completely unsafe and totally not street-legal. It is. You just have to wear helmets to avoid getting bugs and rocks and other cars in your teeth. It was my personal favorite. It was like an amusement park ride. Check it out!