Monday, June 6, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

So this past weekend I had a birfday. Yep. It's true. I'm a year older now. I won't tell you which birthday it was because I'm a little sensitive on that subject. Let's just say that the man upstairs and I have a deal that this is the oldest I will ever get.

Friday: My day of birth arrived. Mom took us to breakfast at my all-time favorite breakfast diner and we converted husbandman into an Eggs Benedict lovist. Thanks, Mom!

Then I went on a drive with puppy and littlest brother to the mountains to scout for a photography location. The lovely green turned to white snow after about 7 miles and we pouted and then drove home.

Husbandman took me to Culver's to get take-out for dinner and he sang while I blew out my candles on my butter burger. :) Bandit just barked at the fire.

Saturday: I ran through an obstacle course in the mud and ended up with a sprained ankle. Boo. Although at the time it was too muddy for the nice medical people to tell that it was sprained.

Then my lovely sister and cousins threw me a Birthuation (birthday+graduation) party in the park. We played croquet and flew kites which was a little tame for us, but we had a really great time.

 Apparently there was a nefarious silly string plot being formed against me...

My sister and her roommate made these adorable cupcakes. Lil sis even knew my favorite flavor. :)

I even had a couple of mushy moments cause my cousins are just so awesome. They really are. They complete me. There I go again.

Sunday: My mother-in-law threw me a lovely backyard barbecue with incredible bruschetta. It was so so good. I ate like 17. The party may or may not have ended in a giant water gun fight. :)

Thank you everyone for a fantastic birthday weekend!