Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love Notes

Husbandman is in Bear Lake this weekend with his family. I had to stay home and work. :( Actually I'm glad I stayed because it snowed up there. Pretty sure it's almost June, Mother Nature, but whatever!

He's never been on vacation without me since we've been married. I've gone places without him a bunch of times, but I've never been the one left home alone. Let me tell you, I don't much care for it. Bandit and I have had some good talks, but I usually dominate the conversation.

So here I am getting ready for bed and missing my hubbs when I get the following series of text messages:

H: I wish you were here. I just miss you.
Me: I miss you too.
H: I'm shleepy.
Me: Well go to sleep, silly willy.
H: Ok... but I will dream about you so you can be here.
Me: Sweet dreams, love.
H: I need a goodnight kiss.
Me: :*
H: *falling asleep* lover you'd

Sorry for the mushiness. I'm allowed sometimes cause he's pretty dang cute. True story.

Stop gagging, Bird (that's my sister).

And thanks for painting my nails today. They look great!

She also convinced little brother to let her paint his nails. He said he didn't want her to but he knew we wouldn't stop bugging him until he let us so he might as well just get it over with. He is such a wise child.

Neon pink is definitely his color.


ashley @ divorced at 20 said...

I so remember painting little boys finger nails!

Ps I blogged responded to your question!

Mrs. C said...

So adorable!!!! Pink is great haha! Adorable convo!
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Anna said...

Hahahaha that pic is going to be GREAT blackmail when he's older =P