Friday, April 22, 2011

And that makes 50!

Wow! Thank you guys all so much for your support! There are so many awesome people out there in bloggy land!

As promised, it's time for our first giveaway! I'm pretty excited to give this to you.

Have you heard of Fred and Friends? Pretty much the coolest website ever! They make all kinds of useful, everyday objects but turn them ultra super cool.

Every summer in Salt Lake City we have what's called the Annual Zombie Walk. It's just what it sounds like. Hundreds of people dress up like zombies and walk around downtown looking for brains. Amazing, huh? You can read about our experience last year here.

In honor of the 4th Annual Zombie Walk taking place this August, and to honor the fact that this year we celebrated Halloween 2 in April, I am giving away...

An ice cube tray to zombiefy your drinks! And I also just invented a new word. See? I told you it was going to be cool. I pretty much can't wait to use this. Regular ice cubes aren't going to cut it anymore.

So all you need to do to possess this randomness (which is dishwasher safe, by the way!) is become a public follower of my blog and leave a comment telling me in the best words you can think of what you plan to do with your ice shaped like brains. Are you going to have a Halloween 2 party this summer? Or perhaps join us for the Zombie Walk this year?

Either way, I hope you have a great week!

P.S. This giveaway will go for just this weekend. It ends Monday, April 25 at midnight. Make sure I have a way to contact you. In other words, enable your email in your profile. Ready, set, go!
I hope you win!


Trissta said...

OMG. I would LOVE to have this! Haha, I can just think of all the craziness that my nephews and I would have. Jello brains, Frozen brains in lemonade jars, or even cupcake brains or something. Sigh That would be amazing. Is it heat resistant, too? We might have to do pudding cake brains instead of cupcakes... SO MUCH FUN!


Jennie said...

Okay that is probably the most awesome thing I have ever seen. I feel like I would give my roommates a lot of brain-shaped ice.

PS I was reading a wedding magazine the other day and I was looking at the contributors and I saw some girl I recognized. And then I placed it and it was you!!!

Steve and Cort said...

WELL! Really let's be honest. The question shouldn't be what will you do with a brain-shaped ice tray, it should be what won't you do with a brain-shaped ice tray. I pledge if I win this nice tray to not only participate in the zombie walk, but also have a picnic ready for us to eat after the zombie walk. We will have brain shaped jello to go with our brain shaped ice. And maybe even brain shapeed popsicles! Possibilites are truly, truly endless. And of course the picnic will be in a local place so everyone can see the zombies eating their picnic. That's how we do it nearly normal style.

Trissta said...

PS. I mentioned your giveaway in my post today! :)

Much Love,


Nearly Normals said...

Ok these are AWESOME !!!!! Brains !!! I am a lover of all things zombie and not only would a base a party around these babies i would just have them in my drink every day :) heheh

PS Cort your picnic sound awesome !!!

Cynthia said...

Imagine a hot summer day with a glass of lemonade on the rocks, I mean on the brains! What could be better! It's so you! I'm in!

Beth's Blog said...

oh, I can just get in under the wire!
love this giveaway ... I would most definitely use them for Halloween with my kids. They would love them!