Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty Awkward and Pretty Awesome

I hope y'all are having a fabulous week! Yeah, I said y'all. I've secretly always wanted to have a southern accent. I think they're charmin'. See? I just did it again.

- My husband's family has been gone all week and I'm pretty sure we are responsible for killing their fish. I replaced it with the closest one I could find at the store. Hopefully they won't notice. :/
- Last night I was wired and husband was tired. He got fed up with me bouncing on the bed and asking him his opinion on the newest episode of Modern Family. Out of nowhere, he had a sudden outburst in his Donald Duck voice and it scared me so bad, I fell off the bed.
- Bandit got a haircut. He looks kinda like a stormtrooper.
- Last week I was in the bathroom at school and this girl came in humming "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas. Still humming, she then proceeded to pee to the beat of the song. I sat there trying not to bust up laughing as she kept humming while washing her hands. I walked out of my stall and she stopped humming and stared at me. "I thought I was alone," she whispered. Awkward for her, hilarious for me!

- Husbandman's reaction to this. I love buying weird things online for the sole purpose of scaring one's spouse.
- America's Best Dance Crew. Does anyone else watch this? Amazing!
- One time in Biology class I couldn't remember the scientific name of white blood cells (leukocytes) so I wrote lukeskywalker. My teacher said it was close enough and gave me full credit.
- Only one more follower until I give away something cool! Keep in mind, people, this is a relative term. What I think is cool tends to equal something totally random and weird. I mean, did you see the toilet monster?
- I found my dentist on Facebook. I love this silly world we live in.
- Easter this weekend!
- Saturday, my cousins and I are having a British Garden Party in celebration of the Royal Wedding coming up soon. I am going as Ms. Abigail Plumbottom, widow to the late Sir Fitzwilliam Dunderbore. Husband is going as Mr. Percival Hornswoggle, gentleman caller. I love my cousins and our crazy ways.
- I really like the shade of my toenails right now.
- I found this on Etsy. I feel strongly that no household should ever be without one of these:
 The original chalkboard horse. Yesssssssss!


Ruby Girl said...

haha good move with the fish replacement :) <3

Abi P. said...

LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!! I could only imagine that girl singing and all getting into the music..and her face when she saw you!! hahahahahahah!! Cracks me up!

Kass said...

where did you find the toilet monster? I think my brother deserves one for christmas :D