Thursday, March 10, 2011

Please summer, don't be late...

How I'm feeling today...

I'm so tired of the cold and snow! I need summer to be here. Like now.

- I'm feeling creatively moribund.
- Today I was sewing on a button and eating peanut butter M&Ms. Apparently I mixed up my hands and into my mouth the button went.
- I finally joined the Beautiful Belly Challenge and displayed my beautiful belly for the world to see. That was hard.
- This morning I was listening to music while in the shower. My favorite song came on so I turned the shower knob down so I could hear better. The shower knob, of course, does not make it quieter, it makes it colder.
- My littlest brother schooled me in Just Dance 2. This is awkward because we were dancing to a Pussycat Dolls song.
- My alarm clock plays the beginning of the song The Circle of Life from the Lion King. Listen to it and you'll understand why I jump every time.

- I'm going to Seattle for Spring Break! I'm so excited to be anywhere but here. Any locals or frequent visitors have advice on activities/ places to eat?
- My favorite movie right now: Morning Glory. Have you seen it? It's irresistibly delightful in my book! The scene where the weather guy passes out in the jet?? I die!
- Today I talked 5 people in one of my classes into wearing costumes during finals week. I feel this will help ease the stress.
- My mom told me that if I was a boy, they were going to name me Braden. :)
- Today I learned how to fold a dollar into a ring. Our waiters will be getting some freaking amazing looking tips.
- Brade and I just finished off a couple rolls of wrapping paper on a craft project. We plan to use the cardboard dowels for an epic duel to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.
- I found out there is a Ninja restaurant in New York. The whole place is a like a ninja palace with mazes and stuff. While you're eating, sometimes the lights go off and your silverware gets stolen from your table. I want to go there for my next birthday. Will somebody please let husbandman know?

Did anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week?


Laur and Jeff said...

hahaha Brit, I love these posts! You are seriously hilarious! And, I want to see that pic of us kiddos at gma's!
Miss you!
An akward thing that happened recently: We finished up teaching a 12 hour workshop and while filling out an evaluation one of the participants was shocked to find out Jeff and I were married, and not brother and sister....yikes

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

LOL, the polar bear cracked me up. It is Monday, and that is how I am feeling today too. Even coffee can't hapd (thank you time change).

I am intrigued by this ninja restaurant. Cool idea.