Thursday, March 3, 2011

Franchesca and the Royal Pet

It's March. I have spring fever. A bad productivity-threatening case. But rejoice, because it's Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

- I am writing this post solely as a means of avoiding homework.
- I tried skinny jeans for the first time recently. They don't fit me right at all. It makes me sad. :(
- My husband looks likes he's fourteen when he's clean shaven. I know that some terrible day in the future, someone is going to mistake me for his mother. That may also be the day I take up drinking.
- Me running. The whole thing. Especially the part where I about pass out and lie there waiting to die. It's all just very very awkward.
- The home teachers came over and I got the chair that makes it sound like you farted when you stand up. I hate that chair.
- Found a skull-shaped piece of cereal in my breakfast today. I equate that with Harry finding the Grim in his tea leaves. My days may be numbered now.
- My conversation with our mailman went something like this:
Me: Hey! How are you doing? You brought that early today.
Him: ........
Me: Anything in there besides bills?
Him: ........
Me: Well, I'm on my way out, so I'll get that later, ok? *getting into my car*
Him: ........
Me: Ok, you take care. Have a great day!
Him: Did you ever pay that dentist bill that showed up a few weeks back?
Me: ........
Seriously?? Who is this guy??
- I scared the crap out of myself this morning with a practical joke that was meant for husbandman. I don't want to talk about it.
- I spent an hour trying to find out for sure if a hearse can drive in the carpool lane.

- God and I made a deal. I'm never going to get any older than 24.
- The ice cream place we went to had us sign our receipt with a freakishly huge pen. They said they were sick of their pens being taken by mistake.
- Husbandman and I decided to make a movie where we act like raptors. Shall we see if I can talk him into letting it make an appearance on this blog?
- My professor stopped in the middle of his lecture and said that anyone on Facebook in class would have to come up and do an interpretive dance to the Spice Girls song of his choosing.
- I learned that the average pencil can draw a line for 35 miles. How do you suppose they figured this out?
- Today I finally turned on my Wii Fit again. I was worried because it's rude when you miss a workout. My trainer asked me how I was doing today. One of the options was "You're lucky I'm even here." It's almost spooky how well that thing knows me.
- I have had several requests for pictures of husbandman and I as little kids. If you've read our love story (or guessed from the title of this blog) we met in the first grade. These photos are of us and our little sisters playing a game our mothers inform me was called "Franchesca and the Royal Pet."
I'm making myself sound old here, but this is how children played before video games were around much. Look how tan we were! It's because when I was young, it was actually safe for kids to play outside without being kidnapped or forced to buy lawn care with their mom's credit card. It was a simpler time.

That's me on the far left and that's husband on the floor. I can only guess I participated as "Franchesca" instead of a princess because a) I was a little bit of a tomboy and being a princess was morally repugnant or b) we only had two crowns to play with. Personally I'm a big fan of the "Royal Pet's" outfit. We let him wear his Ninja Turtles shirt to make it a little more manly.

Did anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week?


Berlyn said...

I'm really rocking the romper, cape, and tiara look. And by the looks of my pose, I know it.

Lacie said...

2 things.....

A) your awesome and awkward is always so life is boring for sure. My awkward and awesoneness may have to be monthly.

B) the pictures (and your age) reminds me of achievement days!

Cierra::The Yellow House said...

I loved reading this my dear! The photos are too cute & I think I'm going to head over to read your love story now. . .

Anna said...

The hearts are actually the only part I did using Picnik! Haha

Everyday Love said...

haha! This was great! Especially the part about being awkward at running. That's me at the gym. I try to run but it lasts about 2 minutes then I feel awkward for running for such a short period of time. So obviously I have to walk for a little bit then run again so everyone thinks I'm running "intervals"

Cait said...

hha great picture :) ohmygosh you wrote the book about being akward at running at the gym..that's so me :) love your blog!

Chelsea said...

Well. This is adorable.

I love the Wii Fit story. I am scared to try mine again, too. Last time I was told I was fat. In kinder words. I'm not even fat. The machine must just be insecure.


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

hahaha. "that will be the day I take up drinking." make me laugh a lot