Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mildly Crafty

Once upon a time, husbandman spoiled me rotten and bought me one of these as a Christmas present. See, I am the most awesome gift-giver on the planet, as evidenced by this post. This past Christmas, he took this claim as a bit of a challenge for himself. He won. Do I like to lose? No. But now I have a sweet new gadget to play with so I'm happy. He also got a new flatscreen TV and a Playstation 3 for his birthday, so really it was probably a tie.

Some of you that know me are aware of the fact that I tend to be a bit clumsy. Ridiculously so, actually. I am on my third phone in twelve months. Ok, eight months. The last one died because I fell out of the shower and knocked the entire contents of the bathroom counter into the toilet. Smooth. Needless to say, I needed a protector for my new toy. Cause it costs more than rent. Two months of rent, actually.

The stuff at the Apple store was puke. Literally the color of puke. I searched eBay and Etsy far and wide and there were a ton of cute ones, but I could never seem to find a cover that was unique enough to suit my fancy. Therefore, I decided to make my own. However, since I am decidedly un-crafty, I called up my craftastic cousin and she accompanied me to the store for moral support.

I am in love with the way she turned out! Here she is for the final unveiling:

What is it with me and monsters? She has fantastic feather eyelashes (those are kind of hard to see in the picture). Her eyes and teeth are made of felt and the blue is embroidered. The furry fabric is super soft. I could probably take a nap on her if I wanted.
And here's the back:

She's a perfect fit and keeps my new toy safe and snug. Special thanks to cousin Amy and my mom for helping me find my inner craft goddess and for your mad skills! I'm going to link up this week over at Vintage Wanna Bee, Night Owl Crafting, and Today's Creative Blog. First time ever. So excited!

Now I just need to figure out what to call her. Any suggestions?


Fancy Lads said...


Well done!

Sarah Christine said...

CUte Cute!! I totally agree, there is nothing original enough on ebay! That is just great!