Friday, July 29, 2011


Today we've been married for two years. For real. Duuuuude...

I really can't believe it's been that long, but that's what all the calendars are telling me. Even Facebook says it's our anniversary, so it must be true.
Hitting the two-year mark makes us officially old and no longer newlyweds. I think I'm ok with that. These past two years have been some of the best and worst of my life, but there is nothing more comforting than having my best friend by my side.

Sometimes I still can't figure out how I ended up marrying the boy next door, but every day I wake up to find myself crazy about him. Go figure.

Here's a photo that I love from our wedding day two years ago:

Some interesting/ lame facts (and some of my favorite things) about my husbandman in no particular order:
- He's a weirdo. I never knew. I always thought he was the normal one. Turns out I was mistaken.
- He has a lovely singing voice. Although he almost never shares it with the world.
- He has webbed toes. This fact is not widely known. I think it's funny. :) He doesn't like it when I pull on them.
- He's going to be an amazing daddy someday. All the little girls in nursery have a crush on him.
- He gives super awesome foot massages, which makes him the best guy in the entire world in my book.
- He gets really grumpy when he's hungry. Don't tell him that he's only grumpy because he's hungry. That will only make him grumpier. Just slide some food in front of him and walk away.
- He's a saver. This fact is very well-known. As is the fact that I... am not.
- Sometimes when he says "Brittany" in a weird accent, it sounds like "bunny." So now he calls me Bunny. It's gaggy, I know.

I love him so. I made this super cool video to show my love. I especially like the part with the scorpions.

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Happy Anniversary, baby! Here's to 92 more!


Abby said...

Happy Anniversary!! :) May you be blessed with many more.

Becca and Derek said...

Everyone looks so happy in that photo! What a great day!

patience said...

this is such a sweet post and congratulations! yes, i think two years does subtract the newlywed term though. did you do anything special? i didn't see you mention it!