Friday, March 18, 2011

I may have fallen asleep 6 times while writing this...

Hello friends. I'm very tired today. I only slept for two hours last night. I don't know how my fingers are even doing this right now. I am not entirely sure that what I am typing is discernible as English. If not, I apologize. And if I've accidentally typed some offensive words in a different language, I apologize for that too.

Today is Awkward and Awesome Thursday (errrrr, Friday cause I didn't get around to posting it until then). Notice I have not used any of my regular exclamation points so far in this post. This is to help you imagine me speaking in the monotone voice I am positive accompanies this post in my current state of exhaustion. 

- Today I was driving on the freeway randomly singing the "Do, Re, Mi" song from the Sound of Music. Everything was all well and fine with that until I passed the carcass of a deer, a female deer, on the side of the road. After that it just seemed morbid. 
- The moment I meet a new person, I immediately start planning a conceptual photo shoot starring them. Is this normal? I think not. 
- A few days ago I went to the Spring Home and Garden show with my family-in-law. They had this stuff there that you rub on your sore spots and they instantly feel better. For real. I have dreamt every night since then about taking a bath in the stuff. There's a lot of goop involved. 
- The word goop.
- Today I found my umbrella in our freezer.
- While in the freezer I grabbed some leftover Ben and Jerry's and I blew on it because it was too cold. I don't know why I did that. 
- oihfqwe;qefhoiqegh'qiwghq'ioerghigo'h (that was me falling asleep on the keyboard).

- It's St. Patrick's Day and also my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mama! I was able to come up with one spurt of enthusiasm in celebration. She's 29. Forever. You can check out her hotness here.
- Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.
- Husbandman is an awesome drummer in need of a band to play for. Do you know anybody?
- On Sunday this cute little boy was saying the prayer in my friend's primary class. He said, "Thank you, Heavenly Father, that I didn't explode." I find this a perfectly reasonable thing to be thankful for.
- Apparently it's illegal to bite off another's leg in Rhode Island. I'm so relieved.
- I've decided to use bubble wrap in place of a traditional cover for my Macbook.
- Today there was a category on Jeopardy called "That's What She Said." This made my whole life.
- I went somewhere super awesome. Can you guess where?
 Did anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week?


Mel said...

haha! I love how Jeopardy had a "that's what she said" category. Too funny!

I know how you feel about being super tired lately, I feel like we should all be super awake since spring is on it's way! Hope you're able to get some good nights sleep!!

Jessica Brianne said...

Just found your blog & am totally in love.. SO cute!

the momma-kana said...

visiting from Sydney's
LOVE LOVE and laughed outloud at the little boys prayer. I think I may have to re-evaluate what I am thankful for now
and... did yo go to hawaii?