Thursday, February 24, 2011

What makes Thursdays special

It's Awkward and Awesome Thursday! The show where you find out things about my life that probably no one should ever be subjected to. That's why it's fun.

- I was crazy mad at my sister because she started dating this guy and they were engaged after a week! A WEEK! And I haven't even had the chance to meet this guy and sign off on him or anything! Then I finally met him and he turned out to be a total douche. Total. The awkward part is that this was, in fact, a dream. Sorry, sis!
- I slipped on Bandit's blanket yesterday and somehow hit my head on the kitchen table, a chair and the pantry door on the way down. Clumsy much? Sheesh!
- I found out some nerd in China married his video game girlfriend. Legally married her. And I don't mean some girl he plays video games with. I mean she was an actual video game character.
- Today on campus I saw a girl emptying her purse looking for something. She pulled out a live plant, an extra pair of pants, two sets of walkie talkies and a strand of Christmas lights before she found what she was looking for. And I thought I had some strange things in my purse.
- Husband had to wear a ladies' mink fur coat to see the Ice Castles cause he forgot his own. Add that to the walking stick and you've got a certifiable pimp.
- I've started training for the marathon I'm running next year. If you've seen me run, you'll know why this is under this category. If you read awkward list item #2 you can probably picture it.

- Today I found out that my professor once threw a pie at her Stake President. In church.
- I thought it might be fun to do a photo shoot with husbandman dressed up as Waldo from "Where's Waldo?". I was looking for the costume today and I couldn't find it anywhere. Touche, Waldo.
- While husband was at work, I saw a spider. It was huge and I was too freaked out to kill it. So I named him Jason and every time he came out of the corner I yelled at him and he went back in the corner. This made him seem much less frightening.
- I found out my birthday this year falls on National "Fight the Filthy Fly" Day as well as National "Accordian Awareness" Day.
- I was reaching for a bottle of water but I didn't want to get off the couch to get it. I pointed at it and shouted, "Accio!" Bandit was startled so he bumped into the TV tray and knocked the water down and within my reach. I have actual magical powers.
-Today I saw a quote, "Jacob Black drives a motorcycle and turns into a giant dog? How original"-- Sirius Black.
- In keeping with the Harry Potter theme, this week I was wandering around the LNCO building at school looking for a bathroom. I have all of my classes in this building so I know it pretty well, but I came across a bathroom I had never seen before. When I went back later to try and find it again, it was nowhere to be found. I think I may have found the Room of Requirement.  
- This weeks photo shoot is courtesy of my Documentary Photography professor this semester. It should be under "awkward" because I had to photograph a complete stranger. This is Melissa. She's a friend of a friend. This is sunset window light. It's my true love (after the hubbs...maybe). What do you think?

Have a happy week!


M said...

loved your awkward|awesomes!

magical powers huh? awesome. c:

these photos are gorgeous!! you did an amazing job with the lighting.

Mel said...

haha I am loving this post! So funny! :)

Alynne Leigh said...

hahaha. what a weird dream! :P
lovely pictures, by the way (:

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

this post was great :) hahah love your blog, so cute!