Thursday, February 24, 2011

My bump on the head made me do it

So due to a splitting headache from an extremely clumsy fall mentioned in my last post, I missed posting this week's Weird Wedding Wednesday yesterday. It's kind of ok though because this week's wedding didn't really happen.

I got a call from my manager early in the morning on this fateful day. "Don't worry about coming in this evening," she said. Oh? Why not? Apparently the groom was in love with someone else and had run off with this individual. Needless to say, the wedding was canceled.

Here's the kicker: The someone else actually turned out to be... the best man, his best friend.

Yeah. Awkward!

On a happier note, I am shooting a newborn session tomorrow! Sooo excited! Now I just have to do my best not to get baby hungry. Here's an image from my the last time I photographed a newborn which almost sent me over the edge:
Isn't she completely gorgeous? And her head smelled like heaven itself. My favorite image of the day, however, turned out to be one of her big sister:
She was looking down at her new little sister with the sweetest expression on her face. My heart melted. I have a feeling I'll be cleaning up a heart-shaped puddle tomorrow too. Wish me luck!


Everyday Love said...

Oooh I love naked baby pictures! There is nothing more precious! I just stumbled across your blog and read that you like peanut butter M&M's...after that, I knew we could be friends!!