Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kid Art

My sister recently moved away from me. *sniffle* She moved up to Logan to finish school. I'm going to visit her tonight, and I've been told that entrance to her apartment can only be gained through coercion. One must either be "dead sexy" or come bearing cookies. I was really feeling the pressure to live up to the expectation of being "dead sexy." It's not a good time for me. My hair is an awkward length and won't seem to lay right. I'm carrying several Christmas-goodie-induced lbs that my Wii Fit trainer hasn't been able to get my to let go of yet.

So last night I called in a favor from brothers #2 and 3 for help. And oh man, did those little guys come through for me!

Seeing as how the only cookie cutters I have are Christmas shapes, we decided to make a school boy using the gingerbread man cutter and the angel became a school girl.

 This is Flame Boy from the Fantastic Four. That's a 4 on his back. :)

Here we have Elvis and Shaniqua Shanaenae, the African American opera singer. This cookie's got mad style.

We decorated them all until about 11:30 (waaaaaay past brothers' bedtime!) and gave them all names and made up stories about their lives. I'll admit, this made them harder to eat, but they were super delicious nevertheless. Plus littlest brother helped me decorate them which made them look like kid art. And can we be honest, friends, what is better than that?

P.S. These photos say, "Sorry we're sub-par, but we were taken on a camera phone."


Shaniqua said...

Thanks for my very own cookie!! Tho I'm not am opera singer...lol jk ;)