Friday, May 6, 2011

We Did It!

Today I graduated from college. It was amazing! I've never felt more proud of years of hard work. I think I even grew a fourth of an inch taller this afternoon. I'm the first one in my family to graduate from college, you know. :)

I so wish I would have worn a Where's Waldo? outfit for this. It would have been minutes of entertainment for those attending Convocation.

Here I am about to receive my diploma...

I'm so lucky to have a super supportive family!
Which brings me to our topic for today...

The Top Five Best Things About Graduating From College:

1. A black cap and gown. My high school graduation ones were white. I looked like a beached beluga whale. I kid you not. 

2. I will no longer have to contemplate selling a kidney to buy books. Books now cost a normal, human amount. 

3. I will no longer turn into a demented demon beast not fit to see the sun whenever the second week in December or the last week in April rolls around. Husbandman was contemplating changing continents last week. Finals are a thing of the past. Foreva! This should probably be moved to number one.

4. I'm gonna keep my gown and use it as Hogwarts robes for the Harry Potter premier this summer. I'm pretty excited!

5. I now have time to spend reaquainting myself with my super cool kitchen gadgets. We don't have to eat Ramen for dinner every night! Although we probably still will sometimes. Cause it's kinda good...

Have a great weekend, you guys! XOXO
The graduate


EsterElla said...

Omgosh CONGRATULATIONSSSSS!!! What a proud moment that must have been -- and your family and Hubby look so very happy and proud of you.

You are fabulously photogenic as well! I loved the photos.

I hope you're taking some time to celebrate. =)

Lauren Allen said...

Congratulations Brit!! You look so gorgeous in all of those photos!! Enjoy your school-free life, it's the best!!