Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's All About the Bean

- I found a container of leftovers in my fridge the other day. I had forgotten about them because they were in a sour cream container. The several weeks they had lived in my fridge had not been kind to them. It was a malodorous calamity.
- There is a middle school in our area whose mascot is a Trojan. This would not be inappropriate if their school motto was not "Do hard things."
- I'm quite sick. I tried so hard to remain well. I was beautifully handling the transition from winter to spring. Then yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. And today I feel like I've been blown up on a speeding train every 8 minutes for the past two days. Yes, I recently saw Source Code.
- Getting off on a tangent when you're trying to make a... SQUIRREL!
- Bandit went out to play in the rain. When he came back inside he smelled really bad. Like wet dog. Ug! So I sprayed him with Febreeze. And now he smells like clean linen. Am I a bad person?
- This couple found Kate Middleton's face on a jellybean. They are selling it for over $800. We may have reached an apex in Royal Wedding hysteria.
- I think when we hit 50 followers I will give away something cool. 50 seems like a nice, round number. Plus we're almost there. What do you think? I enjoy entering giveaways. It feels like a less risky version of Vegas. I like visiting, but I'm much too poor and unlucky to gamble away any moola. Maybe I would if I found some on the ground or something.
- Today I saw the Statue of Liberty being chased down the street by a guy in a pizza costume. That can't be an easy job.
- I ordered a book from Amazon about how to run a successful small business. It came today, and instead a received a book called Extreme Dinosaurs. I consider this a reasonable substitute.
- I'm writing a song for husbandman. It's about bacon and Costco.
- In nursery on Sunday I was chatting with this little girl (she's almost 3). I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "A magic rainbow pony that farts fire." Seriously, kids are the best!
- I just found a new favorite bobblehead. Flo from the Progressive commercials. Fun fact of the day: I collect bobbleheads.

Did anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week?


Amber said...

i colloect bobbleheads TOO!!! I've got Dwight too & the owner of the company I work for on a bobblehead & some others...I love yours!!!