Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sometimes when we're bored...

I know you've been waiting with baited breath to hear all about our Friday excursion! Well, quite frankly, I'm not surprised. 

Mom decided she wanted to go do something fun for her birthday. Little brothers suggested dinner. I suggested a movie. Mom suggested we fly to California for the day. It was a very difficult decision. 

So at 6:30 Friday morning we were hopping on a plane heading for the beach! I thought Berlyn's head was going to explode with happiness. We had a completely fabulous day in Newport Beach followed by dinner at Bubba Gump's in Long Beach. Then we hopped on the 8 pm flight back to Utah. If you ask me, that beats a movie any day of the week. Even if I did still think it was winter and forgot sunscreen. Oops. Sorry nose!

What did you do this weekend?


Kai.Mercado. said...

That sounds so much fun! I am a native Californian, so I take this great place for granted sometimes. I love Newport though, both my brothers live there!

Jessica Madsen said...

These photographs are incredible. YOUR mom looks amazing! I hope there comes a day when I can fly to cali for my b-day! That sounds pretty darn awesome!!