Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Experimental Florist

Biggest brother went to a dance this past weekend (Sweetheart's I think) and he asked me to make a boutonniere for him and a corsage for his date. Now I have only minorly dabbled in flowers. I have made a couple of bridal bouquets and I did the flowers for my sister-in-law's wedding as a favor. Here are a couple pictures of her bouquets:

Sidenote: Isn't she completely gorgeous?? I hope my future kiddos get those genes of hers from husband's side. While fresh flowers like that are great, I felt like brother and his date needed something different. His date is a bit on the edgier side. Also, since this was a semi-formal dance, I thought it called for some experimentation on my part.

This is what I came up with:
These are made entirely out of paper, ribbon and glue. And some pearl embellishments for her.

I was pretty happy with how they turned out, especially since they were happy. Doesn't bro look awesome in his white suspenders? Loooove them! Sorry about the crappy picture quality. Especially the colors (his shirt is black). I was a big dummy and forgot my camera so I had to use Grandpa's old, dinosaur camera.

So that's what I made this week! I also made this headband for me to wear on Valentine's Day. I wanted something festive. Be gentle in your crits. I am still a newbie crafter. ;)

P.S. I'm linking this up for Talent Tuesday over at Vintage Wanna Be. Check it out!


breezy and branden said...

is there anything you can't do? i love the valentines day headband btw!

kebowman said...

that is adorable!! love your blog!

Ani said...

What a fun idea i gotta try it!!! Love your blog I found you on Nichelles blog!!! I'm your newest follower. Visit my blog and follow me at http://aadreamsblog.blogspot.com/