Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh "Chute!"

Today I was an awesome big sister. My little brother has a science fair project due tomorrow and, being from a family of mega huge procrastinators, he hadn't even started it yet. So husbandman and I decided to help him out. We ended up having a really good time!

Lil' bro's experiment involved dropping eggs strapped to parachutes off of the roof! How stinkin' fun is that?? Then we measured the splat radius to determine the effectiveness of each parachute size. We fashioned the parachutes from some trash bags and duct tape and string. The experiment worked surprisingly well. One of the eggs even survived the landing without a single crack!

(Sometimes I draw cute faces on eggs when I'm really proud of their accomplishments)

Husbandman was the brave soul who volunteered to make the journey up the ladder and launch the doomed eggs to the designated cardboard landing pad. The pad had a total area of one square foot. None of the eggs actually landed there. :) I was the designated photographer/ gooey-eggy-mess-cleaner-upper. It's funny how often those two coincide.

Check out husbandman. It's not easy to pose so well on a rooftop holding a parachute with a precariously-perched egg specimen. He's got mad posing skills.

Ok yes, we're five. But doesn't he look super cute in his new jacket? Yep, yes, yeah he does. Feel free to leave some bloggin' love just for hims. Cause you can clearly tell from these pictures that he deserves it.

*Note: Do not attempt this at home. You could be injured or seriously killed. The people in these images are untrained crazy people and it is not recommended you copy them. Doing so could be detrimental to your health. For real*


Rachel said...

haha! That's about what my husband looks like when posing too. Cute. And that egg? Adorable!