Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It's Awkward and Awesome Thursday over at the Daybook! Many thanks to the oh-so-lovely Sydney for this idea. Her blog is completely fabulous so check it out if you aren't already a somewhat creeper stalker loyal follower. So this week I decided to participate.

- The sole of my shoe ripped partway off at work tonight and now my shoe talks to people. Does this ever happen to anyone but me?? Sheesh! Pretty sure I've gone through six pairs of shoes at that job. The awkward was made worse by the fact that I work at a wedding reception center and I'm pretty sure shoes that talk to people are considered completely classless.
- Husbandman's creepiest face he can make. He made it for me last night. I predict the nightmares will last upwards of 16 days.
- Eating nothing but a giant Hershey's bar for breakfast.
- Admitting to you that I ate nothing but a giant Hershey's bar for breakfast.
- Somehow ending up being the one who has to hold the bride's dress while she pees. Bridesmaids were mysteriously nowhere to be found. How does this happen in real life?
- My contact falling out while I was driving home. It was my last one and I need it to last a few more days so I put it in the only thing I could find at the time that would keep it wet until I got home. My mouth.
- Making eye contact with someone through the cracks in between the stalls in a public restroom. This might be the most awkward thing I've ever experienced. Maybe.

- Getting awesome reading materials in the mail. This came for me today:

- Remembering that since my work shoes died, I have an excellent excuse to go shoe shopping!
- My puppy's reaction when I get home from work. He is always super excited to see me and it makes me smile :)
- Making fun double date plans for this weekend (we never get to hang out with other couples!)
-Finding out that the Pioneer Woman, whom I fairly worship, is coming here for her next book tour!
- This super cool jungle shoot my imagination cooked up for the new year.

Aren't my models awesome? I just love them!
Did anything awkward or awesome happen to you this week?


Alynne Leigh said...

I for sure LOVE your jungley photos :)
and your blog! I love that too :)

Rachel said...

holy awesome - i love those jungle pictures (and your list) :)

Blythe and Charlotte said...

That picture with the feathers is so amazing! Totally gorgeous!


brooke said...

Those pictures are amazing! Seriously creative and beautiful!
Plus your blog is adorable!

Mrs. Muffins said...

Fun shoot! I love themes :)



your awkwards are hilarious! i didn't think holding the wedding dress up while the bride pees actually existed for real people. katherine heigl in 27 dresses on the other hand... and the last one on the list too! never caught someone's eye there before, haha :O

Candace Stevenson said...

hahah I loveee the daybook! I just did the list thing too. and fyi your photography is freaking ahh-mazing!!

Abi P. said...

OMG. if it wasn't for the syd. I wouldn't have found your blog. I LOVE IT. i am now your newest blog stalker. muuuaaahhaha.
most awk. thing on your list..the eye contact in the bathroom stall. baaahahaha!!

Hannah said...

haha oh my gosh making eye contact with someone in between the cracks. haha that is so awkward and it happens to me all the time! great jungle pics!