Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the Creative Juices Flow!

Hey y'all!
Hope everyone is having a fan-freakin-tastic 2010 so far! As many of you "Britt and Brade in Real Life" regulars have noticed, I have completely revamped the look of our blog. What do you think? I'm gearing up to be brilliant and tech-savvy for my website design class this semester (nervous!) so I thought I would play around a little bit and see some of the wonderous capabilities of the internet. It wasn't easy, but I am pretty happy with the results. I am going to discover the technology goddess within this semester or fry my hard drive trying! :)

I am also taking digital photography and magazine writing for some other right-brained projects. Don't worry, Dad, I'm taking Quantitative Communication Research too to satisfy my self-torture quota. :) Life is changing pretty fast so we're having to change with it. Brade and I even "IKEA-ed" our apartment which has allowed us to explore the interior design portion of our creativity. Life's so much fun! Love you all!


Melissa said...

I like your new design very much! Good luck in your class :)

Also - I was in Deseret Book today, so I looked up your article in LDS Bride. It's very impressive! Way to go!

Jessica Madsen said...

Hey Britt, I just found your blog, yay! Love keepin it real with ya!