Friday, December 4, 2009

Trouble-Maker in Training

Our dog is driving us crazy. Don't get me wrong, we love the little fur baby. But he is way too smart for us. We have a barrier keeping Bandit in the kitchen because he is still potty training. Bandit, however, has taken this as a personal insult and will not tolerate only exploring a section of the house.

Because our barriers only seem to irritate him more and more, he somehow finds a way to get around them-- no matter how creative we get. This ongoing battle between man and beast has prompted me to add a list to our blog of every barrier Bandit has been able to get around up to this point and how each feat of puppy power was accomplished. As of right now, we are at six and counting. If this goes much further, we might have to surrender and buy a real baby gate. I just don't think I can give him the satisfaction. The dog is beating us, people. He knows complete amateurs when he sees them. Wish us luck.