Monday, January 5, 2009

The Wedding Party

We have such great friends. :) Braden and I have picked our attendants. These are the people that are near and dear to our hearts and we are so excited to have them in our wedding!

Brittany's attendants:
Maid of Honor: Berlyn Prince (my dearest darlingest sister)
Bridesmaid: Jessalyn Davis (Braden's dearest darlingest sister)
Bridesmaid: Brittany Peay (my dearest darlingest roommie)
Honorary Bridesmaid: Charisse Horne (my dearest darlingest missionary best friend)

Braden's attendants:
Best Man: Paul Cave
Groomsman: Stephen Cook
Groomsman: Benjamin Newbold
Groomsman: Kyle Humphrey

Yay! Weddings! So now these people have signed their souls over to me for the next six months. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Melanie said...

Hey cute cousins! : ) Ok, so my favorite piece of advice (and I give it to you now so I don't forget!) ; ) is to have a few of your favorite cousins and aunts and grandmas there when you open your wedding presents. As you open something, you read off who gave it to you and how much you love it, Grandma keeps the list of who gave what (which is really silly--you will never look at it . . . never!) one of the relatives writes the card and signs your name (chances are really good that no one knows your handwriting--you write it if they do!), and VOILA!!! You are done with your thank-you notes! (Ask Jeff and Kristina--they are WISHING they had listened to me!!!) heh heh heh

much love!