Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ring

This post is not about a scary movie. I have had many requests to see pictures of my engagement ring. Your wish is my command! It's incredibly beautiful. Braden picked it with the help of our two awesome sisters, Berlyn and Jess. He did such a great job! It's just right and I couldn't have picked better myself. 

(Below: shameless plug for the jeweler they went to, but we LOVE THEM! Thanks again, Stan!)

This is one of my favorite parts to the ring. This little extra diamond is custom. When Brade gave me the ring, he said that this diamond represents me and the way I stand out from all the rest. Isn't that adorable???

Including this stone, there are 29 little side stones on my ring. It was only after we set our date (July 29, 2009) that we realized the significance. Cool huh? :)


Miranda said...

That ring is so beuatiful! I'm so glad you found a man who recognized how amazing you are! Congrats!

Miranda said...

WOW apparently it's been a long time since I've taken a typing class OR a an english class but I love ya!

Melanie said...

Your ring is absolutly beautiful. Congratulations!!!!!